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Each cutting board is handcrafted by Mike using a combination of hardwoods including local Black Walnut & Maple as well as Sapele and Purple Heart which give unique characteristics and color that compliment each other!!  The sizes are designed to have a variety of uses!   Our small board is perfect to slice your cheese or  lemons and limes for your bar!  The medium size has been popular for slicing and chopping smaller produce!  Our large is perfect for using everyday to create delicious meals!  The extra large, our most popular, versatile board, can also be used everyday as well as to display your food or slice your roast on a special occasion.  If you choose the juice groove, you will be thrilled with the deep groove it has to catch the juice!!  Each one is finished with food grade mineral oil & then a mineral oil & natural wax conditioner. They each have silicone feet to protect the board and prevent it from sliding on your counter, except our trivets, bread & cheese boards.  As is the nature of woodgrain, each board has its own unique beauty and can differ slightly from photos!

Black Walnut & Maple

  • Please note: As with all handcrafted products, size may vary slightly.

    11" x 9" x ⅞"

    15" x 12" x ⅞"

    17 ½" x 14" x ⅞"

    Extra Large
    19 ½" x 14 ½" x 1 ¾"

Catskill Mountain Woodworking Blank Back
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